SMISA Member's Discretionary Pot

Every quarter we hold a ballot for our members which allows them to decide were £2 of their subscriptions can be spent. We take suggestions for project ideas from the Club and memberbase and then each quarter these are voted on. The winning projects are then able to be carried out. Below you can see a list of the previous ballots and the results.

2016 Ballots

1st Ballot - September 2016
Raised Platform

We are proposing to make the full £8,500 available to the club to cover as much as they need to complete the platform – however we would like the members to decide what should happen with however much of that is left over.

Option 1
Make £8,500 available for the disabled platform and put any leftover sum into the St Mirren youth academy budget

43% of the vote with 325 votes

Option 2
Make £8,500 available for the disabled platform and keep any leftover sum in the SMISA £2 pot for spending at a future date.

57% of the vote with 430 votes


2nd Ballot - December 2016

2017 Ballots

3rd Ballot - April 2017
Community season tickets (£6,000)
SMISA to buy a block of 24 season tickets to be used by a different charity, youth or school group each game in 2017/8

Yes 80% 673
No 20% 172

Hall of Fame boards (£1,500)
SMISA to update and replace the existing JD Sports Hall of Fame boards

Yes 70% 589
No 30% 256

Youth team sponsorship (£700)
SMISA to sponsor a local youth team for next season by giving them money for new strips

Yes 72% 610
No 28% 235