St Mirren Director Election

SMISA members are being asked to elect their next representative on the St Mirren board.

SMISA committee member David Nicol has done this role since 2016 but his two-year term as the SMISA representative is coming to an end.

This role is of crucial importance for St Mirren and SMISA – the successful candidate will be the key link between the club and the trust, while representing SMISA and the wider fanbase in major boardroom decisions.

At the same time, helping ensure a successful St Mirren is fundamental to what we do – so it is imperative we as a membership elect someone capable of working with the rest of the board to take the club forward.

In October we invited any members interested in the role to come forward. The deadline has now passed and we only received one eligible application, from David Riley.

David ran in the last election, and while he lost out to David Nicol at that time, he has stayed involved with SMISA over the past two years and has assisted the committee in our work.

We are required to hold a confirmation ballot where members will be asked to approve David’s election. If a majority do so, he will be elected. If not, a member of the SMISA committee will fill the role temporarily until such time as a fresh election can be arranged.

Voting will run for two weeks from Wednesday 14 November. Below is David's election statement, which we encourage you to read before voting.

Candidates are required to be nominated for the position by at least 10 other SMISA members – the 11 members who have been verified as nominating David are listed along with his statement.

Further down, you can also see copies of the job description (which could be read in conjunction with David's statement) and the election rules.

If there are questions not covered here you can ask them by emailing [email protected]

David Riley - election statement

David has provided a video statement (which you can view above) and a written statement, printed below:

I welcome and thank you for the opportunity to put myself forward as a candidate to represent the interests of SMiSA members on the board of our club. I'm a Main Stand season ticket holder and I've been a fan since the early 70s. I've been fortunate to watch many great players over the years. Tony Fitz is my all-time favourite.

I stood for election two years ago and as part of that process I was invited to attend the regular SMiSA Committee meetings, something I still do today. It takes a great deal of time and effort to run and grow the organisation as we continue along the road to majority ownership of the club. As part of that journey we must ensure we gain as much experience as possible in the running of the football club so that we're well placed come the day we assume control of our club.

I'm currently employed as a Global Process Manager in the Freight & Logistics industry and have held various roles with increasing levels of responsibility during the last 35 years. My job for the last 14 years involves managing change and, among many other things, designing, training & implementing operating processes throughout our offices and warehouses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I constantly review how we work as an organisation to ensure we are responsive and adapt quickly to changes within the industry while operating as efficiently as possible.

I believe my experience in these areas will transfer well to this role by enabling me to review how the various departments within the club currently operate and can be improved. There must always be a desire to continually improve in all areas of the business and I see this role as an opportunity to contribute to the growth and improvement of our club.

A large part of my job involves working with teams from different parts of the business from all around the world (with various nationalities, ethnicities, cultures etc.), usually all having different priorities, requirements and agendas. I work to ensure agreement and buy-in from all parties then make decisions which, as far as possible, provide a win/win outcome.

There are occasions when I have to deal with highly confidential and sensitive information that could affect people's jobs or even the share price of the company. Regardless of the circumstances I always act with respect and professionalism.

My strengths in listening, mediation, empathy and communication, aligned with a positive outlook have served me well. I believe my experience will help ensure a positive collaboration between the supporters trust and the club.

Should my application be successful I will carry out all duties to the very best of my ability to ensure the relationship between SMiSA & the club continues to grow stronger. My aim would be to use my skills to take St Mirren forward while ensuring the thoughts and opinions of SMiSA members and the wider fan base are heard in the boardroom

David was nominated by the following members: David MacDonald, Carolyn Carty, Jean McIntyre, George McIntyre, Gary McIntyre, Jim Crawford, Brian McDowall, Lillian McMinn, John Wallace, Laura McNally, Alan Docherty.

Rules & Documents

For more information on the job description and election process, please see the below:

Job Description
Election Rules