Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a series of commonly asked questions about the bid. Click on any question to show the response. We've tried to cover as much as we can think of but of course if there anything else not covered here you want to know please use our contact page to get in touch and we’ll be happy to come back to you.

As we move forward we will keep this page updated.


What will my money be spent on?

Your £12 per month as a basic member will see £10 set aside to fund the share purchase and £2 in a separate pot to be spent on club-related projects as voted on by the members.

The £10 per month was initially used to pay the previous directors for their shares. The final instalment of that was made in the summer of 2018 meaning members' contributions now go towards building up a pot of money to buy out Gordon over the long term.

The £2 gives the trust an ongoing income to be spent on club-related projects as the members decide. Since summer 2016 we have been spending its contents every three months and the £2 pot has been described by the head of Supporters Direct Scotland as 'brilliant' and the first of its kind in Scotland.

So far our members' money has helped fund the wheelchair platform in the main stand of the stadium (giving the club disabled facilities described as among the best in Scotland), a community season ticket scheme giving free tickets to local groups who may not normally afford a day at the football, and a boost to the club wage budget during the epic run-in to the 2016/17 season when our Championship status was in real danger.


Why should the fans pay for Gordon to run the club, and get his money back?

Gordon is a lifelong St Mirren fan who has been a success in business, is financially secure for life, and has now chosen to devote his time to this. He wants to make the club successful, get it into a healthy position and hand control to the fans to safeguard forever.

Crucially, Gordon is the only person who has brought the money needed to the table. Given the £1m asking price from the previous board, SMISA couldn’t have done this on our own.

And in a sense, this is costing him - he sold property that was making him a significant return to invest in something he will make no profit from. It is also worth pointing out our agreement to buy Gordon’s shares does not include the 8% he owned before summer 2016 – we are only bound to buy the 42% he bought as part of this deal.


Now Gordon is chairman, how will the club be run?

The day-to-day running of the club will be by the board, which will be chaired by Gordon. He will invite others on to the board who he feels are capable of helping him take the club forward.

The current make-up of the board is Gordon, club chief executive Tony Fitzpatrick, club secretary Chris Stewart, financial advisor and former St Mirren Fans' Council chair Alan Wardrop and former SMISA director David Nicol, who played a key role in the inital buyout and was elected by our members in November 2016 to serve as their representative for two years. Gordon then asked David to remain on the board in a personal capacity.

They are joined by SMISA's David Riley who was elected by members for two years in December 2018.

That means for the first time the fans have a director elected by and accountable to them – someone who can represent the views of the fans in the decision-making heart of the club.

However, while the SMISA director will be able to raise issues on behalf of the members, ultimately SMISA will not control club decisions - the club will continue to run club affairs, as has always been the case.


Who are SMiSA?

SMiSA is the St. Mirren Independent Supporters Association. We have been in operation since 2002 and in that time have raised thousands of pounds for the club. Legally we are structured as a community benefits society. The trust is led by a committee, which is elected by the members at our AGM each year. Trust business is conducted on a one member, one vote basis and will continue to be as we go forward.