A fan-owned St Mirren…in less time, for less cost…and better!

When SMISA started the #BuyTheBuds campaign back in 2016 we expected it would take a decade to deliver St Mirren into the hands of the people who will safeguard it forever…you, the fans.

But majority fan ownership could happen much quicker than that – by next year – thanks to a unique partnership with Kibble, one of Scotland’s largest charities and social enterprises, who can help take St Mirren to the next level.

SMISA members are being asked to vote on these proposals. Read on for a summary of how they will work.

What’s being proposed?

- SMISA is in a position to deliver majority fan ownership much sooner than planned – by end 2021

- we will do this by working in partnership with Kibble – one of Scotland’s biggest charities. The partnership will be unique within UK football – never before has a charity been part-owner of a club

- SMISA will buy enough shares to get to 51% - rather than 71%, as under the current deal. This reduces the amount of money we need to raise, which is why it can happen much sooner. Obviously we need our members to stay with us - but with your continued support we will have the required amount plus a cash reserve by late 2021

- Kibble will buy the remainder of Gordon’s shares (27.5%), making them part-owners of the club. If the proposals are agreed, they will do this immediately;

- from now until late 2021, SMISA, Kibble and Gordon Scott will jointly make major shareholder decisions. Gordon will continue as chairman;

- Kibble will offer staff support, help bring new income into the club, invest in new facilities, and create training and employment opportunities for the young people in their care;

- there will be a three-way legal agreement governing how the shareholders will work together, which will become a two-way legal agreement once SMISA buys Gordon’s shares;

- the club’s operations will still be overseen by the club board – but when SMISA become owners we will have the ability to appoint the majority of the board;

- we have negotiated a deal we think is best for St Mirren – but it’s for SMISA members to choose if you want it. Before you vote, we encourage everyone to read our Q&A;

- if we don’t accept the proposals, SMISA is still on track to deliver fan ownership by 2026, but it will still be years away, and the benefits offered by Kibble will be lost;

Find Out More

Have a look through our detailed Q&A and how the members vote will work by clicking the buttons below.