You can sign up to be a member of SMISA at either £12 or £25 per month, or through our £2,500 premium package.

The higher-value tiers are there for people who are able and willing to pay more in return for some benefits. But regardless of who pays what, all members have an equal say in the running of our club.

Our membership options are shown below. Underneath the plans are some important details on how we will take your payments. Your membership will begin once your first payment has been made. Payments are taken on or around the 1st of each month. Joining towards the end of the month will result in your first payment being taken the month after.

Although we have been careful to only offer benefits we and the club can deliver, SMISA reserves the right to amend these if necessary.

  • £10 of your money each month will be used for the share purchase and loan repayment and £2 will go into a pot to be spent on club-related projects as the members choose. You get:
  • - A vote on all SMISA issues;
  • - Eligible to run for election as a director of SMFC;
  • - All those who signed up by 1 July 2016 got their names incorporated into a history board at the stadium commemorating this momentous event for our club.
£12 /Month
  • £23 of your money each month is used for shares/loan and £2 goes into the members pot. You get:
  • - Everything available for the standard members;
  • - Your name in an ongoing series of draws where one member and a guest get to watch a home game from the directors’ guest lounge;
  • - regular options to go into a draw to attend paid-for club events/dinners as a guest of SMISA;
  • - SMISA to take a table at club hospitality twice a season and run a draw for a group of plus/premium members and their guests to attend;
  • - the occasional piece of limited-edition SMISA memorabilia (such as pin badges, scarfs or T-shirts) to be made available;
£25 /Month
  • This package is for members who are able to contribute a large one-off lump sum in return for some exclusive money-can’t-buy rewards.
  • Only 20 of these packages are initially available.
  • - Ten years membership of SMISA
  • - Certificate with ten ordinary shares in SMFC, making you a shareholder for life if not already
  • - Invite for you and a guest to a special commemorative dinner in the boardroom prior to a game, with a group of club legends and the chairman, then watch the game from the director’s box;
  • - Opportunity for you to take a seat in official team photo, and copy of photo to keep
  • - All benefits available to the £25 per month members
  • If any fans are willing to consider contributing more than £2,500, we would be delighted to discuss creating a bespoke package for you if you were to get in touch through the details above.


Here at SMiSA we take the privacy of our members’ data seriously and will only use your personal information to enable us to meet our contractual obligations to you as members of the society. This covers membership administration purposes and for communicating with you about your membership. To see our full data privacy policy, click the button below.


Our monthly payment structures are processed via GoCardless, the industry-leading provider of online direct debit mandates and the same provider that has been used by SMiSA to collect membership payments. Many other clubs have used GoCardless to collect membership subscriptions but you don't have to create an account with them  

Once you click the payment links you will be taken to the secure online mandate form to complete your details. 

GoCardless can only be used with bank accounts from within the UK, Eurozone and Sweden. 

By signing up you are giving SMISA permission to start taking the amount specified from the 1st of the month, each month. 


Prior to summer 2016, SMISA had around 200 members paying varying amounts. The vast majority of those people signed up for a #BuyTheBuds package but a small number remain on historic membership packages.

If you are one of them and you currently pay by standing order, we would be grateful if you would sign up online here via GoCardless instead, as that will greatly reduce our admin burden. You could of course then cancel your existing standing order at your bank.
If you are a historic member but already paying by GoCardless, we already have your payment details. We can update them at our end, although we can only do that with your permission. Just contact us telling us whether you would like to pay £12 or £25 per month and we will do the rest. You will recieve a confirmation email from GoCardless within two working days once we've changed your payment.

Alternately, you can create a new monthly payment on here but then you would have two, so would need to contact us asking us to cancel the old one.
For more infomation please see our FAQ section here.