Who We Are

A Supporters’ Trust is a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at a club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.

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SMiSA (The St Mirren Independent Supporters Association) is a football trust founded in 2002 by a mandate of Saints fans. We became an official supporters trust in October 2003 under the name The 1877 Society Ltd. Over the years we have supported St Mirren Football Club in various ways including loaning the club £50,000 for the development of the AirDome behind the North Stand.

In 2016 we launched our campaign #BuyTheBuds to purchase a majority shareholding in St Mirren Football club. Phase 1 consisted of a joint bid to buy the the Club with former director Gordon Scott, which was successfully completed in summer 2016. Phase 2 would have seen the Trust buy out Gordon's majority shareholding to allow St Mirren to become a majority fan-owned football club by 2026 at the latest.

In early 2020 we put forward a revised proposal that would see St Mirren become majority-owned by the fans by the end of 2021.

This would be achieved in conjunction with Paisley-based social enterprise Kibble.

The first phase would see Kibble immediately buy a 27% share in the club from Gordon.

The second phase would see SMiSA then buy out the remainder of Gordon's stake, taking our shareholding to 51%.

In February 2020, this was voted through by 92% of the membership, setting us on the path to become majority owners which was completed in July 2021.

You can download a copy of our current constitution below.

The current committee of SMISA were elected by the members and are profiled below.

SMISA Board Members

  • George Adam - Convenor

    George Adam - Convenor

    With a career that includes Motor Industry Sales Manager, Local Councillor and as the elected MSP for Paisley since 2011 George is the Paisley People Person. Working for the good of his constituents and country has seen George serve on the Scottish Parliament Education & Culture, as well as Standards, Appeals & Public Appointments committees, whilst also acting as the Parliamentary Liaison Officer for the Cabinet Secretary for Education & Lifelong Learning.

    Chairman of our trust, and approachable liaison between club, supporters and community it is not an overstatement to say George loves his town, his team and the community he serves. He has the admiration of the whole trust board for being the ‘face’ of SMiSA with all that brings.


  • Jim Cumming

    Jim Cumming

    Treasurer since 2002 and an Accounts Manager by day, Jim now works with Trust Secretary Alan Quinn in looking after the all finances aspects of the SMiSA finances.  

    A St Mirren fan since the early seventies Jim immersed himself in writing, editing and selling to fellow supporters a Saints fanzine. His three children and wife Jayne all share Jim’s passion for the club, and it is that he believes shows how important families are to the ongoing success of the club as a community hub


  • Eddie Devine

    Eddie Devine

    Eddie has been a Saints fan since the mid-1950s and at every cup final since. He is passionate about the club. The SMISA board need people who have a love for the club and love to see this board succeed. 

    He has been a local councillor for the past 15 years. He has been Convenor of Environment and Policy Board with 1500 employees and a £70million budget. He was spokesperson on Housing and Environmental Issues. He is the leader of the Labour Group at Renfrewshire Council. He is on the Leadership Board, Housing and Planning Board, and various other boards.

    He was a Justice of the Peace for 10 years. He started up and ran youth football teams who were very successful. His experience of being a councillor and working with the press and public will be an asset to the SMISA board. He is not intimidated and not afraid to make unpopular decisions and ask difficult questions that need to be made for the benefit of the club.

    It is important to have the correct people on board who will work tirelessly to make this a success. Families are important to the club as well as young people. We need to bring them in to help drive the club forward.

  • Kenny Docherty

    Kenny Docherty

    Kenny has recently retired from the rail industry having worked at senior management levels for many years before becoming a company director for ScotRail. He would love to give something back to the team that he loves and has supported all his life. He has worked with the volunteer squad during the year helping to clean the stadium and assist as required. He hopes that the experience he has gained during his working career could help SMISA drive the club to become really successful.

    All of Kenny's family are mad keen fans and fellow suffers, both daughters are season ticket holders, his son is a SMISA member and goes to games when he can. His son in law is a season ticket holder and SMISA member and does web design work for the official site. All in all, a St Mirren daft family.


  • Alan Quinn

    Alan Quinn

    A Paisley Buddie, lifelong Saints fan who has seen the club win two Scottish Cup Finals shows clearly where Alan’s loyalties lie. As a youngster Alan was a visitor to the team dressing room at half time in one game, unfortunately it was for some TLC and an orange after falling down, rather than a first team call up.

    A retired Chartered Account, who has performed a number of senior roles in Finance in the Whisky industry, Alan has a wealth of experience in internal audit, compliance, system & process implementation and business integration. As SMiSA’s membership and responsibilities have grown, so has the need for Alan’s expertise to deal with our finance and accounting.


  • Graeme Macpherson

    Graeme Macpherson

    Graeme's background is in media and communications. He has been a sports journalist for most of the past two decades, a decade of which was spent writing for The Herald and Sunday Herald. He now operates as a freelance.

    He also had a stint working for the biggest PR and digital marketing agency outside of London, proving PR and communications advice to major sporting organisations and other commercial firms.

    Graeme believes those varied career experiences and skills (writing, communications, media knowledge and management, football contacts) augments SMISA’s existing talent pool.

    He has been a St Mirren fan since childhood, wrote for the SQ fanzine (including a series of “interviews” with Martin Baker carried out in the Garage nightclub of a Saturday evening) and used to make a habit of finding the flimsiest of excuses to speak to his heroes for the Herald (favourite interviews: Guni Torfason, Billy Abercromby and Tom Hendrie).


  • Douglas McMahon

    Douglas McMahon

    Douge's first Saints match was a 3-0 victory over Hibs on 6th November 1982 at Love Street and he still has the programme! 

    Joining the SMiSA board for him was about making sure that people who have a genuine love for the club are making the correct decisions in order for St Mirren to prosper for the immediate future and for generations of Saints fans to follow.

    SMiSA will become majority owners of the club in a few years' time and Dougie joined the board to help increase membership and make sure that the club is in a healthy financial position when the takeover is complete, and to ensure that fans engage with the club and enjoy the many benefits that membership of SMiSA offers.

    He has built up a healthy CV of experience relevant to the board. Although he is a qualified school teacher he instead took up a career in hospitality management with Holiday Inn which took him to London for almost five years.

    He then qualified as an Approved DVSA Driving Instructor and ran his own successful business for almost 12 years before being lured into the not so popular job of a Driving Examiner, which he has done now for over two years. 

    That probably makes him better qualified than most to making any unpopular decisions that might need to be made with being part of the SMiSA board.

    He is always willing to listen to any ideas or concerns fans have about the club and discuss these with other board members.

    It’s important to us all that SMiSA has the correct people looking after its and the club's best interests and Dougie plans on doing that to the best of his ability.


  • Janette Swanson

    Janette Swanson

    Janette was elected to the board after time spent volunteering with the organising and working to increase its profile.

    Janette is a St Mirren season ticket holder and strongly believes in the principle of fan ownership and being involved in the success of the club. Janette is impressed with the model where there is discretion to spend money quarterly on projects to help the club and community. She thinks this takes the level of fan involvement further than other similar schemes.

    She works as a laboratory analyst in a Public Analyst laboratory. Janette is also the union steward for her workplace. The skills she can bring to being on the board include good communication and mediation. She has an understanding of the importance of equality to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Janette would be looking to actively encourage members to be involved with SMiSA from a diverse background. She also has an HNC in Accounting which gives her an insight into various aspects of business such as forecasting and budgeting.


Committee Helpers

The elected committee members profiled above are regularly assisted in their work by the following SMISA members: Jim Crawford, Colin Bright, Lawrence McCabe as well as our four SMISA-appointed St Mirren directors, John Needham, Alan Wardrop, Alex White and Gordon Scott.