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St Mirren fans have a one-off chance to make sure our club stays forever at the heart of the Paisley community and in the hands of the people who will care for it most...you, the fans.

For just £12 per month you can support #BuyTheBuds and help preserve the proud history and safeguard the future of our club.

The power to make that happen is in YOUR hands. Read on to find out how...

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Formal notice of SMISA AGM

by SMiSA Web Team on April 15, 2017

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by SMiSA Web Team on April 15, 2017

SMISA April £2 spend proposals

by SMiSA Web Team on April 02, 2017

Member Update – March 2017

by SMiSA Web Team on March 29, 2017




#BuyTheBuds came about because we want St Mirren to stay where it belongs, at the heart of the Paisley community, for generations to come.

The power to make that happen is in your hands. Click each heading below to find out how...

The Basics

In summer 2016, SMISA and former St Mirren director Gordon Scott saw the terms of their joint offer to buy the majority shareholding in the club accepted by the former board.

That meant Gordon became the new chairman and majority shareholder of of St Mirren. At the same time, SMISA secured a 29% stake in the club and the right to elect a fan representative on to the club board.

We also have a legal option giving us the exclusive right to buy Gordon's shares within the next ten years and allow the fans to become majority owners of the club - keeping St Mirren in the hands of the community forever.

The Finances

Gordon paid the bulk of the money needed to fund the initial share purchase but SMISA agreed to cover £380,000 of the £1m purchase price.

The income we receive from our members will pay that money back, while also saving up the money we need to buy out Gordon over the long-term.

Basic membership of SMISA has been set at £12 per month. Of that, £10 is ringfenced for the share purchase, and £2 goes into a pot for members to spend on the club as they see best.

Fans also have the option of signing up for £25 per month, or through our £2,500 premium package, offering ten years of membership and some exclusive money-can’t-buy benefits. More information on our sign up page.

SMISA set itself a target of 1,000 members to make sure our finances stay robust - we hit that target in summer 2016 during the initial fundraising.

However it is important our existing members stay with us and that we attract new ones over the years too.

There is no upper limit on members - the more we get, the stronger we are as a trust, the greater good we can do for the club and community. Fans can still sign up at any time.

Next Stages & Long Term

As mentioned above, our legal agreement with Gordon means we have ten years to raise the money to buy his shares, which will be at the price he bought them for.

Obviously it's important our members keep paying their subscriptions so we can save up the money to do that, and that new members join up over the years to replace any who drop out.

Over the years, Gordon will work with SMISA to make a sustainable transition to majority fan ownership when we are ready to do so at some point in the future.

In doing so we can safeguard the future of our club and its role within the Paisley community forever. Sound exciting? You’ve got the power to make it happen. It’s quick and easy to sign up now.

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St Mirren and its role in the Paisley community is precious and could never be replaced; this deal means the club can stay forever in the hands of the people who will care for it most...you;

You and other SMISA members will be able to help influence the running of the club; never before have fans been able to directly elect their own representative on to the club’s board;

Members will be able to decide how their money can be used to take the club forward; if we want to, we can permanently enshrine youth development and community at the heart of the club;

Gordon will work with the fans on a smooth and gradual transition to majority fan ownership over the long-term; we’ll have the time we need to make sure we do that right;

This process will be led by Saints fans, for Saints fans. It belongs to everyone with the club at heart and everybody will have the chance to help shape what happens next;

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"The thing that gave me the most satisfaction in my working life was my time with St Mirren and especially the stadium construction. When I go to a game or drive past the stadium it gives me an enormous sense of pride to see what I helped to build. My desire is to see us back where we belong at the top table of Scottish football and I firmly believe I can help achieve that, and then successfully deliver this club into the hands of the supporters."

Gordon Scott