SMISA Board Election 2022

Each year, one third of the previously-elected SMISA board is required to step down and stand for election for a new three-year term. This year there are three candidates for three places.

Two of the three are previously-elected board members - George Adam and Dougie McMahon - now standing for re-election. 

A third SMISA board member, Colin Orr, has chosen not to stand for re-election and we thank him for his service over the past seven years.

Another SMISA member, Eddie Devine, has submitted an application looking to be elected to the commitee for the first time.

With only three candidates standing for the three available places on the commitee, there will be no election this year. But each candidate still needs to have their place on the SMISA committee ratified by the membership through a confirmatory yes/no vote. To take their place on the board, each must receive more than 50% of the votes cast for or against them.

Each of the candidates has provided a statement supporting their case to remain on or join the SMISA commitee and you can read those below.

Members will have received their link to vote via a secure online ballot and can then vote yes or no to each of the three candidates.

The results will be confirmed at the SMISA AGM on April 21st.


George Adam


George is Paisley's Member of the Scottish Parliament, the Minister for Parliamentary Business in the Scottish Government and Convenor of SMISA.

George was one of the key figures in the original club buyout of St Mirren by Gordon Scott and SMISA. He has been a fanatical St Mirren fan all of his life and regularly attends games with his wife Stacey.

Nominated by David McCartney and Stacey Adam


Eddie Devine

I have been a Saints fan since the mid-1950s and have been at every cup final since. I am passionate about the club. The SMISA board need people who have a love for the club and love to see this board succeed. 

The experience I can bring is that I have been a local councillor for the past 15 years. I have been Convenor of Environment and Policy Board with 1500 employees and a £70million budget. I was spokesperson on Housing and Environmental Issues. I am the leader of the Labour Group at Renfrewshire Council. I am the on the Leadership Board, Housing and Planning Board, and various other boards.

I was a Justice of the Peace for 10 years. I started up and ran youth football teams who were very successful. I believe my experience of being a councillor and working with the press and public will be an asset to the SMISA board. I am not intimidated and not afraid to make unpopular decisions and ask difficult questions that need to be made for the benefit of the club.

It is important to have the correct people on board who will work tirelessly to make this a success. Families are important to the club as well as young people. We need to bring them in to help drive the club forward. I would be looking to hold regular face to face meetings with SMISA members to answer their queries and questions in an open and frank manner.

Nominated by Alan Doak and Ian Brown


Dougie McMahon

 So it's my turn to re-apply to be your representative on the SMiSA board, which I have served on for the past 3 years.

My time on the board has certainly been eventful and busy with the completion of fan ownership delivered ahead of schedule. My desire to continue on the board is to continue the good work already done and to make fan ownership stronger in the years to come and to always be a voice to represent the members and the wider fanbase.

I always listen to the views of others as well as contributing my own ideas and opinions, but always make balanced decisions that are for the greater good. I work well in a team and as an individual.

As well as being part of the team that delivered fan ownership ahead of schedule, my current role as the SMiSA representative working with Allan McManus at the youth academy is a role that I am passionate about and I promise that it is role that I will endeavour to strengthen and evolve through time and I will always listen to members' views while working in this role.

Being part of the SMiSA board is a position that I will never take for granted and it truly is an honour and privilege to represent the members and fans of our wonderful football club. 

Nominated by David Riley and Colin Bright