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St Mirren fans can safeguard the future of our club for future generations by keeping it in the hands of the people who will care for it most...you, the fans. At the same time, our members are already deciding how to invest in the club to take it forward, while bringing it closer to the community. The more members SMISA has, the more we can do - now and in the future. Join now and be part of something special...


January 08, 2020

SMISA - Ten Things We've Achieved So Far

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Since our successful Buy The Buds campaign in 2016, SMISA has helped deliver numerous club…
November 05, 2019

October £2 Spend Results

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We emailed members earlier today with the results from the latest £2 Spend ballot. The…
October 25, 2019

October £2 Spend Ballot

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We recently wrote to our members with details of the latest £2 Spend options. Details…
August 20, 2019

Very Connect - An Introduction

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August 06, 2019

Meet the Manager Night

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August 06, 2019

July £2 spend results

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July 16, 2019

Director's Q&A with David Riley

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June 06, 2019

Thommo meets Thommo! Legend thanks SMISA for mural

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STEVEN THOMPSON has thanked SMISA members for supporting plans to create six new murals around…


A reminder that members have until tomorrow (Monday) at 9pm to vote on the latest £2 spend project. Details were sent out via email. Members must be registered on the Very Connect system to vote.
This is lovely to see. A big well done to everyone who volunteered and thanks to our members for helping fund it...your money is making a difference twitter.com/SMFC_CF/status…
Phenomenal effort from everybody involved and well done to @bawarmy for an inspired idea twitter.com/bawarmy/status…


The Basics

In summer 2016, SMISA and former St Mirren director Gordon Scott saw the terms of their joint offer to buy the majority shareholding in the club accepted by the former board.

That meant Gordon became the new chairman and majority shareholder of of St Mirren. At the same time, SMISA secured a 29% stake in the club and the right to elect a fan representative on to the club board.

We also have a legal option giving us the exclusive right to buy Gordon's shares within the next ten years and allow the fans to become majority owners of the club - keeping St Mirren in the hands of the community forever.

SMiSA sponsors the St.Mirren Academy


St Mirren’s place at the heart of the local community is precious. By making it majority fan owned we can keep it there and safeguard its future

We can keep St Mirren in the hands of the people who care for it most – you. Unlike other clubs, we can make sure unsuitable owners never get control of St Mirren

SMISA money is already taking St Mirren forward and investing in the assets we will one day own – and as a member you vote on where it goes

We are investing in the next generation of St Mirren players – as sponsors of the club’s youth academy and through our £50k investment in the new 4G pitch

We are proud to have also made possible: improved disabled facilities, community season tickets and pre-match entertainment for young fans, equipment for the first team…and much more

There can never be too many members. The more we have, the more we can do for St Mirren, and the more financially stable SMISA and the club are in the future

Our members can already influence how the club is run through electing a director on to the club board – and will have even more chances to shape the direction of the club in future

St Mirren is more than just a football club. We are already helping it build stronger links with the community, and can do more in in the future

Members get access to benefits including invites to events and the chance to win places at club events and hospitality

St Mirren has been at the heart of Paisley for generations. By signing up, you help secure that legacy for your children and the generations to come

"The thing that gave me the most satisfaction in my working life was my time with St Mirren and especially the stadium construction. When I go to a game or drive past the stadium it gives me an enormous sense of pride to see what I helped to build. My desire is to see us back where we belong at the top table of Scottish football and I firmly believe I can help achieve that, and then successfully deliver this club into the hands of the supporters."

Gordon Scott