#BuyTheBuds Pin Badges

Whilst in the closed season we’ll be partnering up with local businesses in the Renfrewshire area to keep some stock of the #BuyTheBuds pin badges. We’ll keep this article updated with availability over the next few weeks. So far they are available at.
Saporito Coffee – 27 Gauze Street, Paisley
https://www.facebook.com/saporitopaisley / https://twitter.com/saporito_coffee
The Court Bar – 7 St James’ Street, Paisley
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Court-Bar / https://twitter.com/courtbarpaisley

St Mirren Club Shop - Paisley 2021 Stadium, Paisley
https://www.facebook.com/StMirrenShop / https://twitter.com/StMirrenShop