Changes at the SMiSA Trust Committee

Recently there have been a number of key changes to the trust committee at SMiSA.  The first of these is that sadly David Wilson has had to step down from our board.  David has been a great member of the committee & supporter of the trust for many years now.  In particular he has played a major part in running and organising events including the highly successful end of season Player of the Year Award events that the trust has planned over the years.  David will be continuing on as a member despite stepping down from this role and from all on the committee we'd like to take this opportunity to thank David for all of his efforts over the years and wish him all of the best going forward.
Fortunately however despite losing David from the committee, we're delighted in that we have been able to bring two more good buddies on board. Tony Dorris has come in and agreed to take on the role of Stakeholder Manager, and where possible will be seeking to gain outside investment for the trust from companies and other community funders.  He has already made a significant contribution to the trust in helping to secure 500 Emergency Ponchos for use of those fans at the front of the stadium who are unable to move to higher areas during sudden downpours, like we experienced versus Ross County in the ill-fated abandoned game at the start of November last year.
We're also very happy that Holly McCormack has agreed to come in to assist the trust as a media correspondent, helping to raise the profile of the trust and bring more and better multimedia coverage of what we at the trust are doing for the benefit of all at St Mirren and the most important people, the fans.
In addition to this, the existing committee members have had a slight swap around, with Wullie Bell, the trust secretary wishing to take on the role of helping to push up the trust's membership as a Trust Officer, and John White taking over his role as secretary.
We still do however have places left unfilled on the committee, so if anyone feels that they can contribute to the trust going forward in any way at all, we would be delighted to hear from you.