Membership and Business Appeal

Membership and Business Appeal
Since the start of 2014, membership of SMiSA, the St.Mirren Supporters Trust, has been increasing at the rate of approximately 5 to 6 people per month. This increase, along with the members who have been in the Trust for several years is allowing us to become more active in our various aims and initiatives, such as recently becoming the main sponsor of St.Mirren Youth Development Academy, the only five star rated set-up in Scotland.
We aim to continue to grow our membership and therefore our development and our projects because the more the Supporters Trust membership increases the more we are able to represent and provide for the supporters and for St.Mirren.
Therefore we are appealing to all our current members to encourage their friends and relatives to also sign up and join the Supporters Trust and maintain the impetus and outcomes of this years' recruitment drive.
As well as individual supporters becoming members we also want to encourage businesses, or rather the business owners to become members of SMiSA. As a business partner there are no special increased fees or expectations and all that any business would do is to become a member of SMiSA at the minimum normal rate of £2 per month and display a small poster on their premises acknowledging their association with The Supporters Trust, and likewise SMiSA will promote the business permanently on our website and include a direct link to the their website, as well as on events or promotion literature.
Although this concept is a recent initiative the principle is also available to any current members who may wish to promote their own business and SMiSA, through mutual advertising and promotion.
This sign up can be undertaken directly through our website or by contacting us using any of the means of email [email protected] or by call or text on 07596 165 194
Thank you for your continued support and active involvement with the Supporters Trust