Latest on the Club Bid

We are conscious it has been a number of weeks since the last update to members on SMiSA’s joint offer with former St Mirren director Gordon Scott for the majority shareholding in the club.
We outlined what this would involve when we first made all members aware during the summer (

The SMiSA committee entered into this process because we believe no future owner would take better care of our club than you, the fans, and because Gordon’s involvement has opened up a route through which that could happen in a viable and sustainable way.

In the past couple of months the SMiSA committee and Gordon have had constructive ongoing dialogue with the consortium about how a deal might work, but to date no agreement has been reached.

When we started this process we knew it would not be easy for a small team of volunteers to pull off a deal of this size, and that has proven to be true.
A lot of work has and continues to go on behind the scenes to make sure our proposed model is robust and viable and to make sure we are getting appropriate professional help.

So far, we have been able to do so without having to dip into trust funds, however we wanted to notify members we now require to spend £2,000 on financial advice.
This money will allow an independent expert with top-level football boardroom experience to carry out a specific piece of work for us, and is coming via Supporters Direct, the football fan umbrella body of which the trust is a member.

This is money we feel will be well spent to help us get the best information possible about how a fan-run St Mirren might work – but given it is a significant sum we felt it was appropriate to make all members aware.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience throughout what has been a complex process. We will continue to work away behind the scenes and will update the members as soon as there is any news to report.

The SMiSA Committee