Hugh Murray Testimonial Quiz Night

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On the 3rd of March following what was a frustrating 2-0 loss to Kilmarnock; SMiSA ran a quiz night to raise money for Hugh Murray’s testimonial fund. Bar Budda in Shuttle St, Paisley was packed to the rafters as fans crowded in to participate in the quiz and mingle with members of the team, both past and present, who turned out in large numbers to honour the Saints legend. most of the night and a short, but witty speech from Kevin McGowne.

The night was an unqualified success, with it raising £811 for the testimonial fund, and seeing around 100 fans squeeze into the Bar’s function room. There were also well over 15 players including to name but a few: John Potter, Iain Maxwell, Billy Mehmet, Craig Hinchcliffe, Eddie Malone, Steven O’Donnell, Alex Burke, David Van Zanten, Alan Reid, John Sutton, Kirk Broadfoot, Kevin McGowne, David McKenna, Craig Molloy, Richard Brittain, Brian McGinty & of course the star of the show, Hugh Murray himself. Past players Chris Kerr & Steven McGarry, former teammates of Hugh also put in a welcome appearance.

The eventual quiz winning team was Andy Ralston, Fraser Ralston & Andrew Molloy and they were presented with silver plaques that were given to the participating Saints team from the recent Hugh Murray Legends Tournament event at Braehead Arena. There were also a number of raffle prizes kindly donated by Saints fans and local businesses, including a Saints jersey as signed by Hugh himself, won by Paul McDowall.


SMiSA Chairman David Grier, the MC of the evening said: “It was a brilliant night – it reminded me a lot of the Station Bar (Player of the Year) night a few years ago. It was a bit frantic at the beginning as the room was overflowing and we struggled to get seats for the players, but once some extra tables were added it settled down. The great thing was that I heard no complaints and the players found places. It was a noisy boisterous night with loads of banter. One of the questions led to the 3-0 song against Celtic – when I said BEFORE I asked that this question may lead to a song the crowd sensed what was happening and immediately burst into ‘The first was scored by Gunni………..’ – amazing. ”


Some of the other highlights of the night included ‘Maxi’ & ‘Potts’ going on the windup most of the night and a short, but witty speech from Kevin McGowne.

In closing, SMiSA wishes to thank all its members, the club’s fans and players that turned out and contributed their efforts to help turn it into what was a fantastic evening for all, and of course in particular, Hugh in his well-deserved testimonial year. David Grier summed up the feeling - “St.Mirren are the best club in the world – (this) night proved it”.