Saints Aid 6 - 2 Full Teams + Event Itinerary for Winners


SMiSA are pleased to announce that following our appeal for interest in the previously unsold shirts in Saints Aid 6, we now have 2 full teams ready to take to the field on this Sunday's event.

Barry Johnston will play in goals for the away team, and Holly McCormack will play as the away #14.

We've prepared an itinerary for the players so that they know what to expect on Sunday.

1pm - Enter through the Players and Officials entrance at Love Street where you meet your team-mates in the hospitality lounge.

1.15pm - Go into your dressing room where your strip will be waiting for you. Get changed and go onto the hallowed turf for your warmup.

1.45pm - Back into your dressing room for your pre-match team talk from your manager.

1.55pm - Walk down the tunnel, pre-match photos and last warmup.

2pm - Let the action begin!

3.45pm - A drink and a sandwich at the bar.

The enclosure will be open on the day for friends and family wishing to attend and will be free to enter - there will sadly not however be catering provided.

Please though, do not arrive any earlier than 1pm as you'll just be waiting around while we finish off the preparations at Love St.

Also players should make sure to remember to bring the following items, which they WILL NEED and won't be provided:

Football Boots
A change of clothes

Keepers should also remember to bring their own gloves.

If any of the players, or indeed interested spectators have any further questions about the event on Sunday then please don't hesitate to send an email to [email protected] and we will make sure that they are answered.

Thanks again to all those that bid and to everyone who won a place - we hope you enjoy the experience and enjoy what should be a great day!