Saints Aid 6 - Event Takes Place!


On Sunday, 20th May 2007, 2 teams of fans took to the field at Love St to participate in the 6th annual Saints Aid event.

The final score after 90 minutes of action ended up as 9-3 to the home side, though the away team comprehensively won the penalty shoot out held shortly after the match, which saw all the players in both teams take one at the Love St end of the ground.

Unfortunately with only days before the event was to take place, St Mirren's managerial duo, Gus MacPherson & Andy Millen had to pull out of the event.  This was due to the club booking a holiday for the players after they secured their status in the SPL with the 3-2 win at Fir Park, which unfortunately clashed with the commitment for Saints Aid.

However all was not lost as on the day, ex-Saints Ricky Gillies & Steven McGarry stepped in to take charge of the home and away teams respectively.

After the game, the players took time out in the corporate hospitality area for a drink as medals were presented to both teams as a momento of taking part in the event, with a further trophy also being presented to each side's man of the match.

As Gus & Andy were not available, club director and operations manager Gordon Scott (playing as the home team's captain) fielded questions about the new stadium.  He confirmed, amongst other things, that the stadium will be slightly over 8,000 in capacity, with 4 stands, open corners and a layout similar to that at Love St with regard to allocations for home and away supporters.  He went on to say that future expansion may be possible if required and that the corners may be filled at a later date, either with seats or possibly with other things such as a gymnasium, offices or social club, buth that there are no plans for these as of this time.  The construction is expected to start in early July and be completed within a year.

In closing, SMiSA wish to thank everyone involved with the event, including the referees who gave their time to help out, the club for letting us stage the event and the PDE for help in publicising the event and running the competition.  Special thanks however must go to Ricky & Steven for helping out at such short notice and of course, all the players who took part in the event, which has raised well over £6000 for Saints' Youth Development.

With next year's event being the last ever at Love St, and quite possibly the final match ever played at the stadium, make sure you watch this space for the latest news as it will be one definitely not to miss!