Reaction from SMiSA Chairman to New SPL Reconstruction Proposals

Following the statement this past Monday 17th January that there is "broad support" from SPL clubs to progress with reconstruction plans to have a top flight of 10 teams with a second tier of 12 teams, SMiSA Chairman Alastair Colquhoun's reaction was as follows:

"It is very disappointing that this opportunity to arrest the steady decline of Scottish Football has been missed.
"The proposals ignore the views of fans as expressed through the Supporters Direct poll and other channels and will do nothing to make the product more attractive to the paying public who are already voting with their feet as illustrated by the growing sea of empty seats at SPL grounds.
"Businesses who continually turn a deaf ear to the wishes of their customers are unlikely to have a prosperous future."
A formal vote has yet to take place on the proposals, with any vote to change the SPL structure requiring a 10-2 majority to be successful.