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S.M.I.S.A. – St. Mirren Supporters Trust – is a non profit making concern incorporated on 26 June, 2003 as an industrial and provident Society registered under The Financial Services Authority.
The trust has fulfilled a number of roles in its 10 years of existence principally: -
  • Communicating with the club on fan issues. 
  • Fund raising for the football club. 
  • organisation of events bringing fans and players together.  
  • Building a shareholding in St. Mirren F.C. Ltd. funded by members subscriptions.
The trust has contributed well in excess of £100K to the club by way of purchase of shares, loans and donations over 12 years. These funds have been raised in the main from members monthly subscriptions. The membership comprises Saints Supporters who have chosen to do a bit extra for the club over and above their expenditure on attending matches and purchasing club merchandise. The most recent contribution was the sum of £50K to enable the construction of the air dome to proceed.
We are currently not looking to purchase any shares in private sales currently. However if any shareholder wishes to retain their shares but would consider granting their proxy vote to the Supporters Trust please email us  and we will be happy to set that up for you.

Welcome to SMiSA !

Thank you for completing your online subscription to join SMiSA. Your support is greatly appreciated.
We will record your contact details in our database and keep you informed by email (and where necessary by post) about Trust initiatives and activities.
You can amend and manage your direct debit subscription directly via the GoCardless website.
Of course you can also contact us directly if you have any questions about your membership.

10 Reasons To Join SMiSA

The Supporters trust was established in 2002 at a time of great crisis for the football club. The trust is run by St Mirren fans for St Mirren fans and is currently recruiting new members to continue the work we have undertaken over the last 12 years- be a part of this.

Here are ten good reasons why you should join the Trust or renew your membership now.

St Mirren is our club and we should have a position, as supporters, in the decision making process. We seek influence to ensure the fans are being fully considered in all aspects of the decision making process.

We see the community as the fans that fill the stand here at St Mirren Park. St Mirren is a community club true but it’s not the facilities that make this it’s the fans. The Trusts primary focus above all other activities is the fans and the position of supporters in the structure of the club.

At times of change and turmoil in our game we the supporters need a common voice that can be heard.  This will always be true, unity and common purpose is a genuine strength amongst football fans.

The Trust extends its members voice into a national arena through Supporters Direct.

We are ordinary supporters with no hidden agenda. The Trust is a democratically constituted body that represents supporters and operates on a one member, one vote principal. The Trust is a shareholder in St Mirren and membership gives each individual an equal stake in this block of shares. We cannot achieve this as individuals it has to be by its very nature a team effort.

As a Trust we provide continuity regardless of who is running the club. So far we have maintained a dialogue with the club throughout our history. In this time we have never wavered from maintaining our position and providing an independent opinion.

The Trust has for over a decade first hand experience in fund raising and although the club is currently not in desperate need of such funding things can change quickly in football. The Trust will always be in a position to respond.

As the club potentially becomes owned by a single majority shareholder the need for a strong and cohesive Supporters Trust increases.

Who knows what the future holds but with a strong Supporters voice at the club we could at least be assured there are people who care about the club moving forward.

Seen them come seen them go …. That was the message to us when we set up in 2002, many thought we would quickly diminish and disappear but we didn’t. We are still here and why wouldn’t we be! After all we are St Mirren fans and this is our club. Join the Trust and be a part of this.


Where we are now ?

The traditional method of income and sustainment of the clubs continues to diminish and with attendances reducing the fans have become or are becoming a less important factor in the football business but only from a short term financial perspective. Although the various governing bodies are always telling us how important the fans are to the clubs, but how many of these governing bodies actually engage and provide a forum for the fans to contribute and debate the way forward for football generally and the clubs specifically. The truth is they talk about it but in my opinion they have no desire for genuine engagement or have any intention of implementing any ideas the fans may have, it's their ball and they're keeping it. The situation has been moving this way for years and the need for income from non footballing sources becomes ever more critical, but as the big TV deal or the council grant is being vigorously pursued the repercussions are that they drive away the community that is already there (the fans) further away.

The effect of television on attendances is well debated, but what if government policies change, grants reduce or cease, or the football club becomes a very small part of the 'council community sports venture' and the main asset (the stadium) is deemed to be of greater community interest as council offices, five a side parks, airport car park etc. etc. A football fans nightmare and a bit far fetched ? perhaps, but while the governments interpretation of community should be embraced and live TV saturation is here to stay, if we value our football clubs culture, as I think we do, we need to have our opinions and ideas heard and for everyone to work together to ensure it continues to be the mainstay of our community and that as custodians of of our club, ensure that it doesn't diminish so much that it becomes an irrelevant component of the 'Renfrewshire TV Watching Community'

How ?

The club while actively promoting and providing facilities to encourage people to be associated with St.Mirren and attend games, are fighting a losing battle against all the forces that encourage people NOT to attend matches ie kick off times, changing dates (after you've booked a hotel for the weekend of an away game), cost, weather, incompetent authorities, lack of atmosphere, boring games, lack of investment ! it’s a vicious circle.

The SMiSA committee strongly believes that the consolidated future of our club lies with the fans, no matter what direction the club board choose for it !

Everything we do will be geared to make fans want to attend matches and encourage the support to become a bigger part of the club in every sense thus ensuring St.Mirren maintain or improve their status within Scottish Football and the Renfrewshire community. Like previous generations of fans, as a custodian of the club it is your duty to help maintain a strong, healthy club for future generations.

What we as a supporters trust need to do is encourage a larger more active membership and accumulate a bigger percentage of shares in order to be taken seriously. The club has been in stalemate while the consortium wait for their shares to be purchased, which will give whoever buys them the controlling interest in the club and they can pretty much then do what they want. This situation is the root cause of The Supporters Trust, or anyone else, being unable to invest in unissued shares in the club, as selling unissued shares would reduce the 52% of the consortiums stake holding and thus reduce the possibility of the consortium being able to sell their stake.

As a backdrop to this Supporters Direct Scotland are heavily involved in fan ownership initiatives backed by the Government as the way forward in football. The Green Party in Scotland have also issued a consultation with a view to amending the Empowerment Scotland Bill to include Supporters Trusts being given first refusal in the sale of any football club as well as Government support and additional time to compile a bid. It remains to be seen how this transpires over the coming months or years.

Either way The St.Mirren Supporters Trust and every supporter needs to be considering and preparing now for any eventuality, but within those preparations is included the ultimate aim of further investment in the club and fan representation at board level. Something that the status quo does not provide.

The choice is yours.

Join The Trust

Thank you for your interest in joining SMISA. New membership are currently suspended while we finalise the financial details of our joint offer with ex-SMFC director Gordon Scott for the majority shareholding in the club.
We will reopen memberships during our planned fundraising launch in April. If you would like to register your interest in joining, please fill out your details below and we will contact you when we are ready to launch.
Existing members looking to increase their monthly membership will also be able to do so at the time. If you have any questions please email us here.
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