SMiSA update on New 10000 Hours Proposals

Following from our statement dated 11th May 2012 announcing our withdrawal of support in principle for 10000 Hours we would like to update St.Mirren supporters on recent developments relating to the current remodelled proposal.

We would like to record Gordon Scott has been good enough to meet with us on a number of occasions and we would like to thank him for making the effort in engaging with the Trust in a manner that had previously been sadly lacking. We are encouraged to learn that the purchase price has been challenged however 10000 Hours remain unable to offer us anything in writing confirming this and no further detail other than the information publicly available on their website has been supplied. Our position therefore has not changed.

Having reviewed what is currently available we have to ask how this model genuinely empowers St.Mirren fans joining the CIC. Board positions are already being filled. How can this be the case in a co-operative? Co-operative principles state that ‘Co-operatives are democratic organisations controlled by their members, who actively participate in setting their policies and making decisions Men and women serving as elected representatives are accountable to the membership’. When were the elections?

Are St.Mirren fans being empowered? You could be forgiven for thinking this is merely a method for transferring power from one board at the club to another ……. And using supporters money to fund it.

The Constitution is clearly geared towards the CIC Board making the decisions and clearly they already are. The Non-Executive Board is there for those who can afford it. But what is their remit and what power do they really have in this set up? Sure there’s a club blazer up for grabs and there is no doubt that for some this would be seen a real indication of position in the club but is it?

10000 Hours hint that if this does not complete then the club will inevitably fall into the wrong hands. Let us be clear on this point – Should this fail then in no way does this discharge the Consortiums pledge as custodians of the club to only sell the right person/s. We find it disappointing that 10000 Hours cannot take the Consortium at their word. They have done a terrific shift for the club and we have no reason to believe that should they decide against selling to 10000 Hours they would simply offload this to the next group or individual without carrying out full due diligence.

Then there are the community groups – remember them? basketballpaisley – a name Richard Atkinson freely offered at meetings 12 months ago as an example of who was onboard have not heard from him since September last year isn’t that odd? Odd that the one community group that this should have been the easiest to sell to, namely SMiSA no longer supports this proposal. Odd that you will no longer see the logo of Supporters Direct on any 10000 Hours information.

Do you really believe that with the amount of information being made available to the St.Mirren supporters any of us are in a position to conclude that this is the way forward for our club? As noted in our previous statement We would strongly encourage all St.Mirren fans to fully investigate all aspects of the 10000 Hours project prior to any commitment towards this. We cannot over stress this point.

St.Mirren is our club and we welcome your support in challenging this proposal.