SMiSA Request for 10000 Hours Direction on Rangers

We have heard from day one that the 10000 Hours proposal is about the fans, their opinions and how this will influence the decision making process at the club. However to date we have seen very little from 10000 Hours to suggest this is anything other than telling the fans what they want to hear.
Given that 10000 Hours could very soon be in control of the club we have today asked Richard Atkinson by way of a demonstration of intent to contact the members (either those who have pledged or those who have submitted a Direct Debit Mandate form) of 10000 Hours and seek direction on establishing a position on the NewCo Rangers issue.

You may be aware that the method stated in 10000 Hours Articles for members to instruct the board is by way of generating ‘Directions’ (Clause 66 in their document if you care to have a look). We understand this exercise is not exactly the way things will operate in practice but we believe in executing this 10000 Hours will at least be a making a start and demonstrating intent by way of consulting with supporters.

We would envisage this need only take the form of a simple yes or no question on the issue - 'Should a NewCo Rangers be permitted entry into the SPL?'

We would then expect 10000 Hours to make public the outcome and maintain that position should they successfully conclude the purchase of the 52% shareholding or at least until further Direction is given from the membership.

We welcome your support in this request. We see no reason why this exercise should not be taken on if 10000 Hours do in fact believe in supporter involvement at St.Mirren. We also look forward to understanding how St. Mirren supporters see this issue.