SMiSA Update on RCGF Application

SMiSA Update on RCGF Application

Last week we presented our AGM which had the highest ever attendance of SMiSA members. We would like to thank all our members for taking the opportunity to engage with us. 

Also in attendance were 3 of our SMiSA nominated Club Board Directors; John Needham (Chairman), Alex White and Paul McNeil. We would like to thank all three for attending and for their participation on the night. Also in attendance was Academy Director Allan McManus who provided an update on our academy.  

For the first time ever, we recorded the event and made the footage available to all members via email in the days following the AGM. We hope this will make SMiSA meetings more inclusive to all members by allowing those not able to attend the chance to catch-up on the proceedings.  

So far, we have received great feedback on the night and questions posed within the Q&A. We have had several requests on SMiSA’s position with regard to information offered by Alan Wardrop concerning the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (RCGF) application. Whilst Alan applied to become a SMiSA Director it was inappropriate to comment to allow the election process to follow its course.  

Having heard contents of information from the AGM, SMiSA will now approach the Directors of the St. Mirren Board and Alan Wardrop for their version of events and provision of supporting documented evidence before deciding the next course of action. We do note an overwhelming majority of SMiSA members at the AGM indicated the need for further clarity of the background to the funding application. 

SMiSA will make no further comment on this issue until this process is concluded, at which stage a follow-up statement will be provided to members. 



SMiSA Board