SMiSA AGM 2023 Summary

SMiSA AGM 2023 Summary

The SMiSA Board would like to thank everyone who attended the 2023 1877 Society Ltd (SMISA) AGM on the evening of Wednesday 17th May at the SMiSA Stadium. A review of the past year was presented, along with an insight into what is planned for SMiSA over the next year. An update was also provided by Academy Director Allan McManus on progress at the Academy and the difference SMiSA funding has made. Club Chairman John Needham also gave an update regarding the progress made at the club over the past year and shared some plans the club have which they are looking to implement moving forward. Finally, the evening was closed with a member's Q&A which allowed attendees to ask questions to both SMiSA Board and SMiSA Club Board Representatives.


Results of AGM Voting

SMiSA Finance

The below diagram shows the voting results for the Finance Approvals, which took place online prior to the AGM:


Board Election

The below diagram shows the voting results for the SMiSA Board Election, which took place online prior to the AGM:

With 3 places available on the SMiSA Board, we would therefore like to congratulate Stuart Chawk, Alex Dillon and Jack McSkeane on being successful in being elected onto the SMiSA Board. We would also like to thank John Allison and Alan Wardrop for standing in this years election, who narrowly missed out this time round. 


Constitution Amendments

Two amendments to the SMiSA Constitution were proposed to members by the SMiSA Board.These were voted on in person at the AGM due to them being extraordinary resolutions, which require 75% of attendees to approve at the meeting. The proposed amendments were issued to all members via email prior to the AGM, and can also be viewed by clicking here. These were both approved by a vast majority of members who attended the AGM (>75% in attendance).


SMiSA Aims 2023/24

The aims and objectives of SMiSA for 2023/24 were presented during the AGM, with a summary of these provided below. These will also be made available to view in more detail on the website shortly.


AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 2023 SMiSA AGM can be viewed by clicking here.


AGM Video

Following our recent members survey where it was found that a large number of members would benefit if the AGM was streamed live or recorded, we are delighted to announce that for the first time ever this years SMiSA AGM was recorded on camera, and will be made available to members via. email over the coming days. We hope this will make SMiSA events more accessible to members who are unable to attend in person, and will be looking to continue to offer a live stream or recording for events in future.