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SMiSA AGM - Recap


On Sunday, 30th September, prior to a disappointing 3-1 defeat at home to Hearts, SMiSA held its’ Annual General Meeting in Suburbia, Shuttle St, Paisley.

A number of things were discussed at the meeting, which also saw club chairman Stewart Gilmour & director Bryan McAusland make a welcome appearance for an hour long Question & Answer session.

Board Members Resign Positions

ImageSMiSA Chairman David Grier, along with board members Eric Balfour & Ken Mathie have taken the decision to step down from their positions on the trust committee, citing a mixture of work commitments & personal reasons for why they felt they could not continue to dedicate as much time to their roles as they would have otherwise wished.

David, Eric & Ken have all made substantial contributions to the trust during their time on its board, and all at SMiSA thank them for their hard work and dedication over the past months and years.

This news means that there are committee positions still vacant for any members who wish to volunteer their time and effort in helping to organise the direction of the trust.

New SMiSA Chairman Appointed

ImageFollowing on from the news that David Grier has resigned from his position as SMiSA Chairman, Alistair Colquhoun has volunteered to take up the vacant position.  No other members of the trust offered to do so at the recent AGM, and as a result there was no requirement for an election to be held.

All at SMiSA wish to thank Alistair for volunteering to take on the new role and are confident that he will help take the trust forward in a positive direction.

SMiSA AGM - Time & Place Confirmed

ImageSMiSA wishes to announce that the trust AGM has been confirmed as being moved in line with the Hearts game to SUNDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER at 11.00am in Suburbia, Shuttle St Paisley.

Stewart Gilmour and Bryan McAusland will arrive at mid-day to answer questions and the meeting will close at 1.00pm sharp so that all fans can make their way to the Hearts game at 2pm.

The trust appreciates that, as with the game switch the time of the meeting is far from ideal but it is vital that there is a good turn out for this meeting as it may well be the most important meeting in the history of SMiSA.

There will be a number of issues discussed and voted upon, one of which is the issue of reducing the minimum membership subscription.  Members should receive a copy of the voting issues for the meeting, as well as a copy of the annual accounts, presently via post if they have not already.

SMiSA AGM - Updated Info

Image SMiSA wishes to announce that the trust's AGM will be on the weekend of the 29th/30th September.  It had originally been planned to be held on Saturday 29th, prior to the St.Mirren vs Hearts game.  However with the game having been moved to Sunday 30th at 2pm so that it can be shown live on Setanta TV, the trust is considering moving the meeting to the Sunday prior to the new kick off time.

A post-out will be sent to all SMiSA members advising of the final date, time and venue for the event and details will be posted online as soon as is possible.

SMiSA AGM & 2005/6 Accounts

ImageSMiSA wishes to announce that all of its members should shortly receive details of the annual accounts for the year 2005/6, and notification of the trust's AGM via post.

Details of the AGM will also be posted online as soon as is possible.

Saints Aid 6 - My Experience

Image By Holly "Hollz" McCormack...

I think it is an ambition of many, to play at the stadium of all their dreams, their fantasies and desires. It is something that we may aspire to do all our lives, but never make the grade. It may be on the ‘top things to do before I die’ list that you wrote, one rainy Sunday. It’s a dream that did become a reality, and one that I’m sure anyone who participated in, would never forget.

I felt that the most interaction I would ever endure on the pitch at Love Street was my match day mascot stint in 1997. What a day that was, my 12th birthday, warming up with my idols, actually being able to run and making no mistake as I hit the ball to the left hand side of Alan Combe. I don’t think I ever though that anything would live up to that moment, but I was wrong.

Saints Aid 6 - Event Takes Place!


On Sunday, 20th May 2007, 2 teams of fans took to the field at Love St to participate in the 6th annual Saints Aid event.

The final score after 90 minutes of action ended up as 9-3 to the home side, though the away team comprehensively won the penalty shoot out held shortly after the match, which saw all the players in both teams take one at the Love St end of the ground.

Unfortunately with only days before the event was to take place, St Mirren's managerial duo, Gus MacPherson & Andy Millen had to pull out of the event.  This was due to the club booking a holiday for the players after they secured their status in the SPL with the 3-2 win at Fir Park, which unfortunately clashed with the commitment for Saints Aid.

However all was not lost as on the day, ex-Saints Ricky Gillies & Steven McGarry stepped in to take charge of the home and away teams respectively.