How fan ownership works


Majority it works

SMISA became the majority owner of St Mirren FC in summer 2021...meaning we can allow the people who will care for the club most – you, the fans – to safeguard its future forever.

That means we delivered the Buy The Buds campaign in half the time originally expected – thanks to the ongoing commitment of our members and our unique partnership with children’s charity and leading social enterprise Kibble.

A quick guide to how a SMISA-owned St Mirren will work is below.

How it works

SMISA owns a 51% shareholding in St Mirren, giving us majority control. Our partners Kibble own 27.5% and help support St Mirren to grow as a business by offering staff time and commercial expertise. The other 21% is split among several hundred small shareholders.

We have a two-way legal agreement which requires certain decisions to be mutually agreed by the major shareholders (SMISA and Kibble). You can see a summary of this on our terms of vote page.

It’s important to stress fan-owned does not mean fan-run – we want St Mirren to remain a well-run business. That means we need to put in place the people we believe are best qualified to do that, and to trust them to get on with the job.

So that means the club is still run by the club’s board and management – but as majority owner SMISA can appoint at least half the club board, and will make sure our members views are considered in club decisions.