Join us and help make St Mirren majority fan-owned!

SMISA are the proud part-owners of St Mirren FC - and with your help we can make the club majority fan-owned by 2021....and allow it to be forever safeguarded by the people who care for it most.

We are doing that through a unique partnership with Kibble, one of Scotland’s largest charities and social enterprises, who can help grow St MIrren as a business.

An overwhelming majority of SMISA members (92%) backed those plans in a members vote in February 2020. Read on for a summary of how they will work.

How will it work?

- SMISA is on track to deliver majority fan ownership  by end 2021. We are doing this by working in partnership with Kibble – one of Scotland’s biggest charities. The partnership is unique within UK football – never before has a charity been part-owner of a club

- Kibble now own a 27.5% stake in the club. SMISA owns 28.3% and has a legal agreement to buy Gordon Scott's 22.7% by end 2021 - which will take our stake to 51%. Obviously we need our members to stay with us - but with your continued support we will raise the required amount to do this, plus a cash reserve.

- from now until then, SMISA, Kibble and Gordon will jointly make major shareholder decisions. Gordon will continue as chairman;

- Kibble will offer staff support, help bring new income into the club, invest in new facilities, and create training and employment opportunities for the young people in their care;

- there will be a three-way legal agreement governing how the shareholders will work together, which will become a two-way legal agreement once SMISA buys Gordon’s shares;

- the club’s operations will still be overseen by the club board - now and when SMISA is majority owner – but in future we will be able to appoint the majority of the board;

Find Out More

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