Five Reasons to Sign up

St Mirren and its role in the Paisley community is precious and could never be replaced; this deal means the club can stay forever in the hands of the people who will care for it;

You and other SMISA members will be able to help influence the running of the club; never before have fans been able to directly elect their own representative on to the club’s board;

Members will be able to decide how their money can be used to take the club forward; if we want to, we can permanently enshrine youth development and community at the heart of the club;

Gordon will work with the fans on a smooth and gradual transition to majority fan ownership over the long-term; we’ll have the time we need to make sure we do that right;

This process will be led by Saints fans, for Saints fans. It belongs to everyone with the club at heart and everybody will have the chance to help shape what happens next;