Our Mission


Our Mission

In 2020 we ran the biggest-ever survey of SMISA members, in which we asked a range of questions to estabish what our members wanted from SMISA and from a fan-owned St Mirren. The results of that were used to create the following mission statement:

SMISA’s mission

To keep St Mirren fan-owned and at the heart of the local community.

SMISA’s vision for St Mirren:

Respected throughout Scottish football as a financially-stable, sustainably-run club which competes at the top level, develops young players, and engages its fanbase and community.

SMISA’s role:

We will support the club to deliver the vision above by:

- safeguarding the ownership of St Mirren;

- helping ensure good governance of the business;

- investing in the club and its long-term future;

- ensuring our members views are considered by the club;

- helping the club make a positive impact on the local community;

SMISA’s values:

In delivering the above, we will stay true to the below:

Respectful – we will be respectful to each other and everyone we deal with.

Professional – we will aim for the highest possible standards in everything we do.

Collaborative – we will work with our members, fellow fans and partners to help benefit St Mirren.

Inclusive – we will be accessible and welcoming to all, while promoting equality. 

Honest – we will act with integrity and honesty.