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SMiSA Withdraws Support From 10000 Hours Proposal

ImageWe can confirm that SMiSA is currently withdrawing support in principle from the 10000 Hours proposal. SMiSA has been considering an approach from 10000 Hours to provide from its accumulated members subscriptions a substantial up front contribution towards the funding of the share purchase but key information relating to the purchase has not been supplied to allow us to carry out a thorough review of the proposition and this, coupled with the failure of 10000 Hours to engage with SMiSA following a request for information in December 2011, has resulted in us seeking direction from our members on this issue. Should sufficient detailed information be made available to us at a future date we will consider this accordingly.

SMiSA fully and actively supports fan ownership of football clubs and takes responsibility for doing everything it can to ensure the future financial stability of SMFC under any new majority shareholder. We would strongly encourage all St.Mirren fans to fully investigate all aspects of the 10000 Hours project prior to any commitment towards this.

Thompson Wins Player of the Year Award


SMiSA is pleased to announce that striker Steven Thompson has won our St. Mirren Player of the Year award for season 2011-12.  Steven will be presented with his award on the pitch following the game vs Inverness Caledonian Thistle on this Saturday, 5th May.

From everyone at SMiSA, we would like to congratulate Steven on his award and thank him for a great season's performance which has seen him score to date 15 goals, including 12 in the league.  We would also like to thank everyone who took their time to nominate their choice for the award.

If there are any other supporters groups who would like to present their present their awards on Saturday's game alongside SMiSA's then please email us here and we will look to organise that for you.

National Football Suppporters Charter Workshop - 10th May @ St Mirren Park

Image SMiSA would like to pass on word that there will be a workshop at St Mirren Park as part of a consultation process to develop a National Football Supporters Charter.  The workshop will take place at on Thursday 10th May from 7pm to 9.30pm, with a maximum of 30 participants.
This project is supported by Supporters Direct Scotland as members of the Joint Review Group which was put together to co-ordinate the football industry’s response to the challenges of behaviour in football.
The charter will be an agreement between fans and clubs along with football and safety authorities to develop each other’s rights and responsibilities. This will be achieved by joint discussion which itself will be a major tool for the establishment of dialogue between the different groups involved in football.

The objective of the charter is to work with supporters and supporters’ groups alongside leagues, clubs, police and safety authorities in order to create a better relationship and understanding between these groups.
It is therefore vital that the project speaks and listens to as many fans as possible to get a breadth of opinion on the subject. In order to do this there will be a series of regional workshops (including the one at St. Mirren Park) which will focus on the positive aspects of being a supporter along with making sure that supporters are able to have input into the
project in other ways.
If you would like to attend the workshop, please send an email to [email protected] saying you would like to do so and we will endeavour to secure you a place at the event.

SMiSA Player of the Year Award 2012

Image SMiSA are now accepting nominations for their St. Mirren Player of the Year award of the 2011/2012 season.  

Nominations can be made by anyone with an email address, whether they are SMiSA members or not.  Nominations should be sent here, clearly stating both your name and the name of the player that you wish to nominate.

We will accept nominations received up until 8pm on the closing date of Sunday, April 29th, when the vote will close and the winner announced a short time after.

Please only send one nomination per email address, multiple nominations from the same address WILL NOT be counted.

Reminder on SMiSA Post-Out Dated 11-03-12

Following the information posted out last week we would like to remind all members to vote and return the paper in the prepaid envelope as soon as possible. Insufficient returns will result in us having to reissue this information back out to everyone so please take the small amount of time it takes to do this.

Thank you in advance.


SMiSA Statement on 10000 Hours CIC

Following the meeting at St. Mirren Park on Thursday 1st December SMiSA would like to clarify our current position in relation to the proposed Community Interest Company purchase of the consortium's shareholding. While the headlines of the deal appear to be similar the structure of the proposal is clearly different. Our support in principal remains, however it should be noted that although a mandate for conditional contribution of SMiSA funds was established no firm proposal was ever developed.

We are in discussions with 10000 Hours and seeking clarity on the current proposal in particular the Business Plan, Constitution and specific confirmation that the major elements of the funding arrangements are absolutely in place. Newsletters have been posted out to members however in the meantime any member wishing to discuss the above should feel free to contact us.

November SMiSA Members Meeting Update

SMiSA would like to make its members aware that unfortunately, we have been unable to secure a suitable venue on the dates available to allow us to hold a meeting this month.  However, this is something we are looking to resolve and will advise on any further developments as soon as possible.

We will be issuing a newsletter to the members over the next 7 days to inform in particular our current position with the CIC.

November Q+A Night Raises £186 for Youth Development

SMiSA are pleased to announce that last week's Question & Answer night at St. Mirren Park has raised £186.47 in donations for St. Mirren Youth Development.

During the evening, fans were able to put their questions to Saints manager, Danny Lennon, as well as his assistant, Tommy Craig, and club captain, Jim Goodwin on any on-field matters.

SMiSA would like to thank Danny, Tommy & Jim for turning out for the evening and answering all questions, and to all the fans for their donations towards the club's youth development programme.